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Seamus is Gone to Heaven

Hi everybody. I haven't posted on this site for a long time but right now I really feel the need to share. Just a few hours ago I had to put my Best Buddy Seamus to sleep. He was a 9 year old Male Shepherd. This all started a couple of weeks ago when he started to not finish all his dinner. Usually this dog would eat everything he get his jaws on and ask for more so I knew something wasn't right. He started getting very lethargic and had to be coaxed to go for a walk when normally he would get super excited.
Over the last week or so he pretty much stopped eating. Not even his favorite treats. I took him to the Vet yesterday hoping that it was not anything serious, but inside I knew there was something major wrong with him. The Vet examined him and found a very large tumour in his Rectal area. After some discussion I decided it would be the best thing to put him to sleep. I had him put to sleep just a few hours ago. As all of you know who are going through this the pain is almost unbearable at times. This is the 3rd dog I have had to put to sleep over the last 20 years or so. It doesn't get any easier. But I Do recognize that these feelings will heal with time. Hope everybody else who is going through this realizes you are not alone.
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Bless you. That was the last kind thing you could do for him.

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