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Originally Posted by Howler View Post
well im about half way through, and absolutely loving it though i am so tired its unreal, im working 5 days a week then the other two im doing this course lol.

im prepping, bathing and trimming dogs now and can complete trims from start to finish. i absolutely love doing ears for some reason, and my mentor has me doing as many feet as possible because she knows i dont like them haha. ive done lots of spaniels, and a few different terrier breeds, westies are without a doubt the hardest their heads are hard to trim to the correct shape. i also recently did my first shih tzu, he was cute as anything and the owner was very pleased with the results. over the next few weeks i have two spitz lined up, as well as a kerry, bichon, another westie, springer and if she thinks im good enough a miniature poodle.

its hard work and take a heck of a lot of reading and research in my spare time, two books ive founds invaluable are 'notes from the grooming table' and theory of five'. 'all breed grooming' is quite a good one though if you are in the uk be warned as it is an american book and some of the trims are different. ive found drawing diagrams and drawing on the trim lines is a great reference guide as well as making lots of records both written and photographic

i will keep you updated


That is awesome news, good to hear that you are doing so well!

Yes, mentors do tend to make you do the stuff you hate, lol! My mentor used to make me do cockers (I dont like grooming them) but in the end I learnt how to groom them without too much fuss. Still dont like grooming them, but at least I can do it without stressing too much. Hehe!

Keep it up, you will find that you never stop learning when it comes to grooming and it can be so exciting to find out new ways of doing things.
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Since I lost my job I am thinking of giving up on doctor's offices altogether. I had been thinking about taking a dog grooming class and wondered, where do you even find classes? Do you just offer to understudy someone else? I have most of the equipment, table, multi speed shears, multiple blades, doggie hair drier etc....I do my own pom's and Westie. But, if I want to pursue this, where do I go?
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PetSmart sometimes has ads for groomers and they train too. I thought about it but don't think I could do that 8 hours a day.
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