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Brought Elsa to work today

I don't normally work on Fridays, so when I have to come in to finish something, I treat myself to bringing Elsa June with me. We go to the nursing home on Fridays so I use the excuse that I don't have to stop home to get her if she comes with me to work.

She's so well behaved here that nobody complains and the whole department has a better day since we're all dog lovers. Moral is much improved when Elsa comes to work. (a little therapy for the co-workers) She takes a nap under my desk and walks with me at heel off lead when I'm moving about the department.

Here she is the day after I rescued her 4 years ago on her first visit to work. I brought her with me the first week until I got her well set up at home. (used to bring her crate but now she doesn't need to be confined if I leave the office)
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I so envy people who can welcome their dogs into their workplaces. I know mine would be very welcome (everyone in the office owns either labs or retrievers) although it is no place for a dog - too dangerous and my work doesn't allow for the inevitable contamination a dog brings with them. So, although my office is a great place for her getting to it would mean decon and several no Cassie at work.

Now Elsa June, tell your Mommy to get back to work. LOL

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I think that is good for her too. When I used to work in a groom shop, I brought one a day with me and the girl that backstabbed me and stole my job would stomp at them and yell at them when they got in her way... Now I work at home and have alllllllll of them everyday!!! I got very upset with her for scaring my babies believe me!

Glad all at your work like Elsa and have a good/better day because of her.
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It wonderful that Elsa got to go in with you today! I work at home so I always have mine with me. Sometimes, I wish i could get them both out of the house so I can get things done!!!
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How lovely for you to be able to take Elsa in to work with you. I'll bet everyone loves having her there - it makes it feel less like a workplace, more like a fun place to be.
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I am sooooo lucky that my office is in my home, so Lexcee is with me all the time. It is nice to have her at my feet or come and give me a nudge, it relaxes me. More offices should be pet friendly I think they would have more relaxed workers therefore better productivity. Just my opinion lol.

Hugs Susan & Lexcee
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Sounds like a perfect day! I love Elsa June, thanks so much for posting that pic Elsasmom, she really is so cute - love her eyes!!

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