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Am I insane?

Last night there were 6 of us in a queen size bed. My husband and I own 2 very comfortable couches and all 4 of our fur children decided to sleep in our bed with us at one time. It wasn't even a cold night

How many of you have canines/felines sharing your bed? I love my kids but this may be too much love to sleep._Marie
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Belle will sometimes sleep with us at the foot of our bed, but she usually prefers her dog bed which is beside our bed. The cats will sometimes try and sleep with us, but they usually get the boot because I dont like someone biting my toes when I am trying to sleep the other dogs sleep in their crates or on the couches.
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hmmmm...the colder the weather the closer they snuggle. I have a friend moving since she just lost her job and she's selling out all her furniture. I was gonna buy her Queen size bed but reality set in. My dogs ain't gonna give me not an inch more no matter what size my bed is! Not wasting the money. All but one of my 4-leggers have to touch me somehow and all noses pointed East - whatever's up with THAT! Seriously - I sometimes get up middle of the night and there's no dang WAY I can get back into my own bed! There's one little chocolate parti colour who takes over my pillow as soon as I vacate.
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I think it is all a matter of personal taste. We choose to have our bed to ourselves and the dogs in the crate. If you choose the more the merrier, enjoy it.
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We used to do that, but it got way too crowded the bigger Abby grew. So now the only dog to sleep on the bed with us is Jessie, the other two sleep in their cages.
However, my husband and I tend to watch tv in our room a lot (leaves the LR tv for the kids. We dont believe in tv's in their room lol), and while doing so we have all thee of the dogs on the bed with us. Too crowded!

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Are you insane? Definitely NOT!!
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Your not insane...^_^

Actually my dog Brian and Britney sleep in my bed...And because I love them so much sometimes I'm the one who sleep in the couch...
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No you're NOT INSANE. In fact, I kind of grew up this way and just continued it in my own married life. We always had the dogs in our beds growing up. I had a miniature pincher for years who slept with me every night. She was only 4.5 lbs and in a California King, there was no chance we would even cross paths in the night. LOL.
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Ive changed sleeping arrangments thoughout the years...As we added more furbabies to the mix, the more we had to find other places for them to crash.

Now as it is, no dog is allowed to sleep with me. Shara is going through a crate training shes not stressed out on trips. Rav (cat) always sleeps with Tyra. Tigger sleeps outside unless its too which he goes to his great-dane sized crate lol... =)
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Definitely not insane. I let Junior sleep on the bed, sometimes he sleeps next to me or at the foot of the bed. But mostly he sleeps on the floor, his choice

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