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Welcome to the Dog Owners' Health Forum

I always tell people how my dogs have kept me in shape and that doing hiking with my dogs is my yoga. My podiatrist told me the story of how her dogs kept pawing at her chest. She had seen a 60 minute program about how dogs can detect cancer. She had a mamogram and the doctor said he saw a fibroid and not to worry. The dogs continued to paw at her so she asked to have a biopsy. It was cancer. She had the lump removed and the doctors said they got it all. Whn she returned home from the hospital, the dogs kept sniffing at the surgical site. She requested a masectomy and the cancer was in her lymph nodes. This may be an extreme example but stories about how walking your dog helped you lose weight or feel less stressed are worth telling and reading.
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What a wonderful story,it is amazing what dogs can do for us

I have severe asthma and i know some days i feel really ill.and just want to curl up in bed and not do anything,especially when it is freezing out side.
However 2 yrs ago i had a near fatal asthma attack,i cannot even remember my son calling the ambulance,i do remember waking up on and off in hospital,anyway to cut a long story short i spent a week in intensive care and swore that if i made it i would change my lifestyle.

So started puppy walking for Guide Dogs,i thought i had to give something back,and now am also volunteering for lab rescue Scotland.
I now want to get up and see that cute little face greet me every morning and go for long walks,fundraise etc infact since i have started puppy walking i have lost over a stone in weight and feel great
So really having a dog again although not my own,has helped me so much....
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