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Pets or Pensions?

The Humane Society of the United States, which is not affiliated with community-based humane societies, is a very wealthy organization. In 2009 its budget was more than $121 million, and the HSUS network had more than $191 million in assets at the end of 2009.

Despite the financial ability to run a pet shelter in every state, HSUS doesn’t run a single one. And it shared only four-fifths of one percent of its budget with pet shelters during 2009. (HSUS hasn’t filed its 2010 taxes yet.)

Read the full story here.

I love the last paragraph:
It reads:
Maybe HSUS ads should come with a disclaimer too—not just to warn people that real humane societies will get less than 16 cents of its “$19 a month” infomercial request, but that an even larger amount will fund the retirements of HSUS executives.
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Americans are a generous people funding an endless array of charities. Unfortunately all too often the money doesn't go where people expect it. The United Ways old formula which worked so well in the industrial past no longer provides for its work. Last year, the president was paid about $800,000.
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