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Senior Dog Beds

Hi everyone,

My mini schnauzer is 9 years old. He seems to be moving around just fine, but I wonder if I should look into getting him a more senior-friendly dog bed one of these days. I was thinking about an orthopedic one. I just question whether the foam in those beds are really orthopedic and good quality. I was thinking about one of the beds offered by L.L. Bean called the Therapeutic Dog Couch. It's a bit pricey, but it seems like most quality dog beds are in that range. Plus, I believe L.L. Bean has a lifetime guarantee (don't quote me, though, I could be wrong).

Anyway, Fritz has a regular dog bed now that he uses. Every so often he'll get out and lie on the floor right next to my bed. (I keep his bed right by mine, so I doubt it's a location thing). When he did it in the summer, I thought he might just be moving somewhere cooler. However, I've noticed him doing it now, too, despite the cooler weather. He always returns to his dog bed, though. Do you think he's looking for something firmer?

Any recommendations for a good, senior, dog bed? He's usually around 25 lbs (he's tall for a mini), so I image that means a small to medium size bed.

Any information or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
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I have elders all the time since I do rescue. Sometimes I've found that they get a little confused as to where they want to be. Coco had a bed right next to mine, he did not want to sleep with me but woke me up every night several times. As he was new to me at 13 years old, I'd get up and take him outside. I finally figured out he only wanted to know I was still there - close to him. after a few too many times waking me up, I shooed him back to his bed and he was fine. He just wanted to know I was there.

Monte's doing that now. He knows he's welcome in my bed but it's not cold enough for him to wanna sleep with me. He stays close to my bed now - not in his own. Still, I can pick him up and put him in my bed but he prefers the floor right now. When it gets colder (despite I have central ac and heat) he will want to sleep with me again.
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Aw, that's sweet that he just wants to know you're there. I'd be so exhausted, though, if my dog woke me up multiple times in the night. You have quite the patience!

Mine doesn't seem to want to sleep in my bed. I've only let him a few times, and only because it was winter and our power had gone out. Otherwise, he's fine in his own bed.
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Thats a cool dog bed! Thanks for sharing it. I wish I would have had one when Chip was alive. He could have really used it!
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