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senoir health worries

i lost my 15yr old yorkshire terrier march 2009.
We knew his health was failing , he was getting slow on walks we had to carry him sometimes to go and toilet , he didnt cock his leg & leaned forward to pee , he was toileting every 3hrs 24 hrs a day which was a nightmare . He would have occurances of bringing up boil after his meal and we had to keep up anti inflamtories injections at the vet for his joints.
he also did not play with his toys with the same vigor energy
He did not sleep in his basket but under the table
despite this he still barked at visitors & the postman & had a glint in his eye

Things got worse........... he developed a swelling in his side and was put on directics , he lay in the porch looking out went off his food then was bringing
up faeces , the swelling was a tumour and we had to say goodbye
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That is a very sad time for anyone who is a dog lover but you did the right thing by setting him free from his old tired body. I had to have my child hood Cocker put down and know the pain you have experienced. Thank you for doing that last favor for your little friend.
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When I adopt a new dog or cat, I make them a promise that I will never let them suffer. It gets to be so hard when they reach that point that you have to evaluate daily the quality of their lives. But a promise is a promise and it's better for us tho suffer the grief of losing them, than for them to stay alive when life is no longer joyful.
Bless you for doing the right thing.
Love me; Love my dog
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So sorry for your loss. I do echo Elsasmom. My 13 year old border had major surgery for hyperthyroidism last summer. She is fine now but is getting slower and less active. I have made her a promise that as her quality of life changes due to her aging, I will do what is best for her, not me. You did the right thing.
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I'm so very sorry for your loss...
it is so difficult to do what you did..but it was right so he wouldn't suffer and you spent so much time with him, were obviously a great owner, and he knows you loved him.
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