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Dietary supplements like glucosamine or fish oils are great but what also helps a lot is a well padded bed and it they aren't chewers a heated bed. The soft padding coupled with the heat will easy any stiffness and soreness in the joints after the activity. You can get heating pads made for dogs at pet and animal supply stores but I just used an old electric banket set on low for my old dog and she rarely had any flare-ups and it reduced her discomfort after play or a hard day being a dog.

Just a thought.

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When Pete, my 10-year old male Lab, started to suffer arthritis pains my veterinarian prescribed painkillers and anti-inflammatory medicatin. Since I had to give it almost everyday during the cold winter months, I was apprehensive about the side effects on his kidney and liver so I asked around for a natural supplement for his joints. I was fortunate to have found this supplement called GlycanAid which did wonders for Pete. He's still taking it now and his joints are as fine as ever--no arthritis pains now!
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If you can find a good canine massage person, that will help keep the musculature less tight around those areas. Have the person teach you some techniques to use everyday to help your friend feel better. They must keep moving. The worst thing you can do is try and keep them down. Also, you need to make sure they are not jumping off of beds, couches, etc. Omega 3 is very good as a natural supplement. My Opie takes a neurological pain med used for seizures in humans, Tramadol, and Duramax. Duramax is obviously the worst for kidneys and liver but I try and keep it to a minimum.
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Mine is entering his senior years... what are some signs your dog is experiencing joint pain/arthritis? (In your experiences)

Do they just move with an overall stiffness? I haven't noticed any of that with mine, yet.
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There's the limps, the general malaise, the more severe OUCH when you touch a certain place. My Cockers stop jumping on the bed or the couch or whatever, Then it's time to stock up on some glucosamine. I'm fully stocked with Glucosamine since I have a habit of taking the elderlys and I do massage and water therapy. You CAN do it yourself you know. Not many people talk about T-touch anymore but it's a good system I think.
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