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Dog wtih pinched nerve

Anyone have experience with this? We have an 11 y/o Tibetan Spaniel that has been with us for under a year. Previous family told us of an incident where he had a pinched nerve in his back years ago. MOnday morning, was fine, jumping all over for breakfast, running in and out to pee, etc. with other dogs, then, later in the morning, sitting still as a statue and yelped when I went to pat him. Not moving at all. Took him to the vet; a minimal exam and history told them another pinch nerve, which, yes, it most likely is. He's been on tramadol and ramadyl since Monday night, and I'm seeing very little improvement. NOT moving around at all. Occasional shifting in his bed. I pick him up meticulously so as to not cause movement in his spine, so he can get out and pee, which he's doing. No poop since at least Monday am. He is eating a bit and I get the meds into him with breakfast and in a syringe in the afternoon and evening. Mornings have been worse. But, he is in pain. I'm wondering how long to let it go on. Previous family said it took 3 - 5 days of him being medicated and then he was "fine." He has a mind of his own, very opinionated, and loves to get up on his back legs in excitement, hopping up and down on couches and beds, etc. So hard to see him just laying there. Gonna be hard to contain him if/when he comes around. I've never had a dog with this type of injury and am not sure how long I can watch him suffer, with little signs of improvement, but, I want to give him ample time to rebound if there is a chance, especially where he has done so in the past. I have a call into a chiropractor and acupuncturist that used to be a vet, and a physical therapist that does laser treatments. I'm hoping today is a turning point one way or another. Any advise out there?
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