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Originally Posted by dogsrme View Post
I play football and baseball in school. Aside of that, I like to watch Bull riding, Football, Nascar, Baseball, Wrestling

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I think this thread was for doggie sports


I am trying to get into flyball. Possibly agility...I dont know how much time I will have...I am doing obedience training now....

OH and Tigger loves Frisbee!!!

I am also interested in Dock Dogs!!! Oh my...the only thing I have left off is weight pulling?

My #1 consern is obedience though!
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We do rally, agility and obedience. We love agility, have shown in rally once so far. Mostly we love to swim and run in the mudd
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schutzhund for me

enjoy working schutzhund with my dog. He enjoys all phrases, makes it easier to train.
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Welcome to K9, Schutzhund!

Bubba at play during a break from training. Mary is in the background.
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