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i think that dog seat belts are silly & i question how safe they are for the dog wearing it. i tend to use a crate when i'm driving with jersey.
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After being smacked in the back of the head with a pit bull durring a rear end collision - I realized how important a restraint for a dog in a car is. It bennifits the dog by keeping it somewhat anchored and not flying about the car in an accident. It also helps the owner by keeping the dog in a somewhat stationary position. Beef cant sneak into the front seat as I am driving and he won't hit the windshield again in the event that someone else hits my car. The harnesses work well, and if they fit well I think are the best option for travel.
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Smile Three travel tips

My two Shelties have done plenty of travelling by car and I've found that three key things make a difference to their comfort:

- Use a crate! My dogs have always loved their crates and quite happily go into them for naps and their meals so it makes sense that, when travelling, they feel most comfortabe in their crates. It really is the safest place for your dog (buckle the crate in using the seatbelt) and the other passengers in the car.

- Face the crate forward, not sideways. I've found that if I sit the crate sideways on the seat, my dogs are often sick. Similar to my own preference to ride facing forward, my dogs seem to prefer facing the direction they're going.

- Put a blanket or pad in the bottom of the crate. I've found that if my dogs don't have a pad or blanket, they slide around and can't get a grip on the slippery plastic floor of their crate. This increases their stress level and ends up making them feel sick.

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We used a seat belt for crystal one of my poodles and she chewed through it ! so we creat her and the others know its safer.
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Smile Always buckle in crate when travelling by car

Dogs who have been trained to love their crate will find this the safest, most secure way to travel. Just as we put a seatbelt on our children, it's important to buckle in your pooch's crate. The dog ends up being much more comfortable in a safe and solid crate that is not jiggling around during the trip and that means a happier calm dog that doesn't get sick.
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I too love the dog harness. He does not seem to mind it!

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Unhappy <crates or harness for me

i was stationary in a line of traffic and a driver who had fallen asleep carreiered into the back of my car my german shepard was sitting next to me in the mayhem i was knocked out but cana was paniced and jumped out of the car only problem was when i got hit it threw me into the oppersite lane an as cana jumped out of the car she was hit by a van and dragged 100 ft up the carriegeway i tie my dogs in the van now or create them cana survived iam glad to say and lived to a ripe old age no thanks to me not securing her
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we have car cages fitted in the back of our estate car with 2 front doors and a emergency back door ,
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I use both

I travel quite frequently from CT to PA with both of my boys. On those long trips, they both ride in individual crates. They sleep the entire way. When traveling around town, they ride wearing harnesses that attach to the seat belt. They both love riding in the car and I've gotten lucky with neither of them getting car sick!
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Exclamation Safety First

I travel great distances with my two wonderful dogs, Peanut & Benji. Most recently we made a journey by car of 1490 miles. I tried the blanket across the seat, the seat belt chest restraint, the crate in rear of the van...but it all had problems. The crate moved around and there was the danger of luggage falling on it. The dogs are short and small and a carseat chest harness prevented them from seeing out the window. The blanket across the seat was just plain unsafe!

So I did some research and got two very different and wonderful pet carseats! (from:[/url]). One of the carseats pack up into a small easy to carry suitcase. Both have a small space for extras: leashes, a small collapsible bowl, a harness, a comb, etc.
The dogs cuddle into their carseats, I know that they are safe.

Even if I stop short they do not fly around. I recently was hit by a driver who ran through a red light. She took the front end off the car. Had the dogs been free on the seat, they could have been injured. When the doors to the rear passenger sides of the car were opened by the police, the dogs were secure, safe and could not jump out and run into traffic.

I love my pet carseats...they are priceless.
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