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Is Chlorine bad for dogs coat or skin?

My dog LOVES to swim. But I'm not sure if it's good for her? We don't let her swim when we shock the pool, but is it okay on reg. days?? She seems fine, no rashes or anything, but will it propose a problem in the future?
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Definately not on shock days or the day after ... It probably fine on regular days, but I'd make sure you keep an eye on skin and eyes.
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Assuming you keep your pool chemicals within the specifications and keep the dog out of it when you add extra (shock) the pool for cleaning you should be OK. The chlorine will irritate the eyes, nose, ears and overall skin if contantly left to dry on the skin so I would recommend rinsing the dog off. Also, the grooming habits (licking the fur clean) can cause tummy upsets for some dogs so watch out for that as well. Just keep an eye on the dog's condition and if irritations or redness begins to appear perhaps consider limiting the pool time and/or rinsing after each swim.
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Pool water can be quite bad for dogs. My friend's dog's side almost fell off from lieing next to the pool. She had to take a water proof mat for him to lay on.

Rinse him off good.
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When I had my Lab, she loved to swim and we went to
the local beach on the river almost every day.
Everything and anything foreign in the water is a
concern for these dogs. Skin issues are always
popping up.
One solution that the vet told me about was;
after swimming or bathing, to fill a pail or large jug with
luke warm water and add a couple of caps of bath oil
to it. Pour over the dog from head to toe avoiding the eyes
of course. Apparently, there is a bacteria that lives on the skin
and when the natural oil is depleted, it causes problems.
This helped a lot to prevent big skin problems in my Lab.

I bet chlorinated pool water kills a lot of bacteria on the dog
but bet it dries out the skin a lot too.

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i always rinse joey and elsa off for at least 5 minutes and no problems.
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It will dry their coats out some. We have our own pool for swimming in the summer months and the dogs go in with us. I usually bath or rinse them off as soon as they get out so the chlorine doesn't dry on their fur. So far it hasn't harmed their skin any because I do clean them after a swim.

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