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Breeds that are affected by deadly diseases

Researchers at the University of Georgia investigated data to establish breed-specific causes of death in the 74,556 dogs that died while being treated at 27 veterinary hospitals in North America from 1984 to 2004.
The study, published in The Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine, uncovered some surprises:
•Bernese mountain dogs, golden retrievers and boxers, long known to have extremely high incidence of cancer, were confirmed to die of that disease at high rates. However, the bouvier de Flandres, not previously generally regarded as a high-cancer breed, had the fourth-highest death rate from cancer; Scottish terriers had the third-highest.
•The five breeds with the highest relative proportion of death from gastrointestinal causes (including parvovirus and gastric dilation and volvulus syndrome — known as bloat) were Great Dane, Gordon setter, Akita, Shar-pei and Weimeraner.

See rest of article at:
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An interesting study. I always like to see studies replacing guesswork. Of course all studies need to be repeated to confirm then and the real world test applied. I wonder if some of the problems vary by line. Are the show breeders breeding lines more inclined toward certain problems?

Also what about the age? I can't fault Labs because Aster had to be put to sleep due to cancer when she turned 15.
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Wonder how their studies rank dogs with autoimmune disease? I've had two Cockers so far with that. One near died - hemolytic autoimmune disease and one with Cushings who is also gone now. Is it that it's more prevalent or that vets actually KNOW now? Tests maybe better, treatment better, owners willing to drop a K-note to save their critter...
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