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The plan we have is to walk Marley every morning for at least half hour on leash...with the hopes of building up to a run...but she's just been spayed and before that it was leash training...
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Originally Posted by Shells_k View Post
Typically, during spring/summer/fall I take both the pups when I get home from work for a walk to the park (a few blocks away), let them play off leash for about 20 mins, and then we do another 20 mins circling the blocks on the way home.

In the winter.... not so much. Chicago is not fun in the winter! LOL. I will take Jessie to the park occasionally after a huge snowfall and get my car all wet in the process, but I dont care. She absolutely LOVES leaping and running in the snow, and I enjoy watching her enjoy herself!!!
Hey, neighbor! I live in Kenosha, Wisconsin.
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I try to get in a good walk every day, sometimes even let Junior run while I'm on my bike, its better excercise for him anyway. There are times when I walk him alot more, like monday I had time to walk him 4 times.

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Originally Posted by buggis View Post
Hey, neighbor! I live in Kenosha, Wisconsin.
Kenosha is not far away at all, probably about an hour maybe. I actually live in the Chicago suburbs, used to go to Kenosha all the time as a kid cuz one of my dads friends lived there.

So you can probably totally relate to the OMFG, MORE SNOW???!!!??? fit I had yesterday when leaving work, driving in a near blizzard. If we have one more snowfall... I'm moving to Florida LOL !

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Holly has two walks aday. doesnt matter what the weather is like she still goes out. First walk is the school run. taking my 5 year old son liam to school then i go to the local park with her where we meet up with all her doggy friends. There are 8 in total that meet up reguarly and the dogs have fun playing with each other on the field while us owners have a good ol chat about our dogs. we all know each others dogs names but i couldnt tell you what the owners names are, funny that. after half an hour running about its a 15 min walk back to the house then she goes for another walk when i pick my son up from school and back onto the field to play again. Somedays we go different places but she loves the field with her usual doggy friends best. They are quite a mixture. A westie (Cassie), a jack russell (phebe), a border collie(Jess), a lab(Scooby), a lab/poodle mix(Molly), a Cavalier KC(Oscar), a mastiff(Ollie) and of course my rottie Holly
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walk time is the best time!

We go out twice a day- with free run time n the back yard off and on all day long!

I work form home! lucky guns!

I have two dogs and when we do go out on our walks I walk them on a normal fixed leash and have wondered often about those like adjustable leashes- ie: Flexi Retractable Leash..... Anyone use them?

I have two terriers natural instincts do include chasing all small critters- will this thing brake upon a heavy pull?
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if the dogs are not working they have half hour walk in the morning and and hour in the evv-ening if they working they get half hour before work and walk and play breaks throughout the day and 20 mins play walk to wind down at the end of the day.
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I walk Bear twice daily. Morning and afternoon for about 30 minutes.
I am a pround owner of an American Eskimo Dog named Bear!
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I walk Morgan and Blue everyday, in the morning free run on the beach and sand dunes for about 11/2 hours and in the evening a lead walk of about 3/4 hour. Free run in garden all day.
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I tried walking star once a day for 30 mins but it didn't work out. My mom dosen't like me outside in the yard alone without her and she perfurs me to stay indoors so right now I do not walk star. He gets his energy from playing with his toys and running around playing tag in the basment. If I thought not walking was affecting him believe me I would talk him around the bed. But I dont see it affecting him at all. He is old with NO hip or bone issues.
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