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by air or by car?

I'm moving across the country (west to east) this summer. I have four dogs and a cat who are my family. Some of my pet-loving friends would never take their pets by air and some swear by it. I'm trying to decide whether air travel or 7-10 days by car would be less traumatic for them. If I go by car, I'll be driving alone and I'm concerned that it just might be too difficult for all of us. Any thoughts?
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I have always driven with my dogs. Flying is such a hassle now just for me I couldn't imagine the logistics of taking a pet or five pets. And I have made this comment before, I have seen the condition of my luggage after flying. I can only imagine the condition of my dogs after flying. My pups are all too large to take onboard.

I drove from FL to TX (not as far west are you're going) with my dog by myself probably 4 times in 2007. It wasn't too bad. I always stopped at rest areas to take my dog out...welll before I had to go. I made time for him to eat and get water and walk around to stretch. If I couldn't find a rest area we did stop at a gas station. That was rare. I only had issues like in Lousiana where there are few rest areas.

If you decide to drive. You may want to pull a map with the rest areas indicated so that you can plan..ok in 3 hours I should be here...and in three hours I should be here. And actually plan to stop. After four trips, I had a great idea of where we would stop. 7-10 days is an awful long time to travel from east to west though. If you might want to consider cutting that down. I drove from FL to TX in 16 hours. So worst case scenario you should be able to do a drive from east to west in three days.
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I have driven with my animals most of the time. I agree that 7 days seems long. I drove from Utah to NC in 42 hours. It really depends on how use to traveling your dogs are. Mine have a system and wait their turn to go out at rest areas and breaks. You need to have plenty of water and a plan on where you will stop. I always try and go a tank and do gas and the dogs around the same time.
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Thanks for your responses. I'm basing the travel time by some mileage research I've done. I think the total was something like 56 hours of driving. First I broke that into an 8-hour day, which would make it about a six day plus trip. Then I figured in at least two hours total per day to stop and water and walk four dogs. If I'm alone - and that's the likely situation - I'll have to walk them in shifts of two each time, so I think two hours of stopping time is about the minimum I'll have to allow. That's a ten hour driving day for six days. Realistically, with one driver and unexpected delays I can't imagine making this trip in less than 7 days. Remember, it's not a straight shot between Washington and Maine. Those big, beautiful Great Lakes make you swoop down below Chicago and back up. That's why I'm considering flying. It might, in the end, be less stressful for dogs not used to traveling at all, much less in a car for a week in the summer. Your input really helps; driving is still a solid option. Thanks!
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