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That is a GREAT idea!! I bet it would be a hit!!
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I would love to own and operate a kennel that gives you peace of mind.
I recently went looking for a kennel to put our dingoes in. none of them were right for my dingo. we have to comply with strict regulations and none past the test couldnt go on holiday and probably wont for the next 20 years or so.........

Also i would love a education program to show that this breed is in real trouble and educate the public that they are miss understood especially since the media coverup that sent a innocent lady to jail .....
they are not vicious unless provoked
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What kind of service could you use for your dogs when you are too busy? Look at all the mobile groomers, poop picker uppers what other things are going to make money in the future?
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I enjoy walking my dog. I enjoy grooming my dog. I also enjoy shopping for things for my dog. But, most of all, I enjoy spending time with my dog. So, for me the ideal service would be having someone to help me with the less fun things in my life so that I had more time to spend with my dog.

For example, rather than going to the grocery store every week, I would love to go for a hike in the woods. Rather than spending Saturday mornings working on my bills and budget, we could go outside and play a game of fetch. My ideal service would be some sort of personal assistant to help me run errands and pay bills so that I had more free time with my dog. And, even though I think "Canine Cafes" and "Doggie Spas" are cute ideas, I don't think there is a service out there that my dog would enjoy more.
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Free Emergency Pet Care

I believe I would like to see an emergency pet hospital that helps all pet emergencies regardless of ability to pay. I had an experience with my baby girl like this and it was traumatizing to say the least. I had to sit all night with her and wait for my vet's office to open. She almost died. Something about that just was't right. Non emergency situations would of course see their vet and follow up with their vet.
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Evolution of Dog care + Dog Park

For a Dog, an animal which is genetically predisposed to being comfortable in outdoor natural settings, being in an artificial environment such as a house can dampen the spark and vigor a dog has. Any time allotted to outdoor activities greatly energies a dog while at the same time releasing destructive energy which emerges when the dog has no outlet or exercise. For a market as large as the dog owner market is, there are considerably few parks in populated areas, and even when a dog does go to a park with itĎs owner, a dogís walking pace is not the same as a humans. Dogs need a more beneficial means releasing energy.

Dog parks currently are sparsely in place. None near where I live, basically because dog parks are supported primarily by locals taxes and government. So funding is not easily attained. Dog parks might need to make a leap to the financial market, but without straining much money from each individual customer. Although, this leap still might not be possible without considerable funds from local governments.

Dog parks must now evolve to fit the lifestyle of the present day dog owner. It should accommodate the working individual who is forced to lock the dog in the basement all day as well as the individual who just wants to exercise his dog. The facility should comprise of numerous trees and shrubs, as well as a clean small pond or stream.
In terms of space, an area about the size of a Wal-Mart and itís parking lot would easily be sufficient. A low cost cubic building would need to be place at the parking lot. Again, minimal money should go into building this portion. It should be large enough to Kennel at least 50 Dogs, Preferably over a hundred in either single kennels or larger group kennels. Beyond the kennel building is the field, speckled with trees and brush along with a small clean pond. People may use the facility as a single visit just to let there dog play or run, or people may attain low cost memberships to use the facility at their will. Additionally, the purpose of the kennels would be for Day workers. A slightly higher charge may be applied to those who wish to drop off their dog on the way to work, and pick it up on the way home. The quantity of dogs would be handled as so. The dogs shall be split up into groups, presumably 5 for 50 dogs. 80% will remain in the indoor group kennels or individual kennels while one group runs and explores in the outdoor area. After about a half hour to an hour, the outdoor group is replace with another group, and the alternation continues. The cycle should take around two hours and in terms of staff would never require more than 5 people. In terms of operation. 1 person would always be present outdoors to supervise dog activity while one person was inside supervising and handling the kenneled Dogs. These positions would be filled by dog training personal types and people with dog backgrounds. One person might also need to be hired for a night shift, if the facility chooses to attract vacationers who need a pet hotel.

Three types of customers may be attracted.

The casual dog walker - by paying a low monthly membership, or low single visit admission

The day - shift worker - By charging a slightly higher fee the customer may drop off the dog for the day and pick it up on the way home.

The vacationer - Long term dog hotel at a much higher rate.

Problems include:

Location - must be convenient enough that many can stop by to or from work.

Cost - people arenít willing to spend as much on their pet, must take low amounts from many people
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Interesting and probably a facility of the future. You might even have a van to p/up dogs for busy people. Boy someone with a bit of money ought to take these ideas and come up with something that would work in their area. What other types of facilities are there? Remember that sculpture. Think about all the dog sports.
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I would like to have a service that provided freshly cooked foods for my dog so I would not have to take the time. It is hard enough to cook for me. Many times I make what we can all eat but others so like a "doggie meals on wheels"
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Smile HOW about a Pet Tailor/seamstress?

Not only for pampered pets, but for necessities for winter wear. I myself have a hard time finding clothing that fits my dogs both bulldogs. When I do find something that works it never fits quite right.
A custom fit would be great and would be a wonderful business.
Deb and the boys
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Great idea more and more clothing for dogs. It has become very popular. In Japan, their pet store shelves look like clothing store shelves.

Jump right in everyone and come up with a service you believe is needed or people would pay for. Your name will be entered into a drawing to win a sculpture of your dog. See in drawing forum the prizes for next drawing thread.
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