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To say Frank has enhanced my life is really an understatement. Frank has taken me from despair and distrust and on a self destruction mission, to having love, peace and a mission to save these dogs.
My husband left me and I was in a state of shock and depression, I had nothing, the friends disappeared and the lonliness brought me to the edge. All I had was my best friend my Rottweiler - Gunner, unbeknown to me Gunner had a tumour in his lung which was only discovered when he started limping, it was in an advanced state and I nursed him over the last three months of his life. When he went, I felt that my life was over I had nothing, no one, I was like a robot living day to day.
I was reading the local paper and there was an appeal about Greyhounds, so I decided to go along to the local kennels, I was initially looking for a little bitch, after a lot of tears and scratching of heads i still didnt know what to do, when one of the trainers brought in this big brindle boy, who had the most incredible brown eyes but looked so sad, so thin, it seemed his spirit had left him, I got on to my knees held his head looked into those eyes and we were a kindred spirit.
I took him home and we began our new life together, he has taught me so much, he has taught me to laugh again, the true meaning of unconditional love. We were at first like a lonely couple, we went everywhere together, neither of us could bear to be apart. We were learning life together, I took him away to the coast and I remember watching him learning to walk on sand for the first time, seeing the sea.
My love for him has now got me involved with Greyhound Rescue and I have made so many friends and have a social life again.
He has taught me that when you are at your lowest, there is someone else out there the same, in life there is always someone there for you, he has helped me regain my confidence, licked away my tears.
He has totally enhanced my life.
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Shells_k, 5DogMom,NoodlezxMomma,I love your stories!
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Wow you all are capturing the power of our k9 companions to teach us so much about ourselves and life. Join in everyone and get in the drawing for a paintings of the photo of your choice, along with other prizes. This is great.
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My dogs have kept me sane. Through all troubles, trials & yes good things they are there to keep me aware that they need me so I cannot let all of the other things going on affect me to the point where I cannot look after them. It show me that I am not the be all & end all & that they are important too so I have to stay on an even keel or they will suffer & that is the last thing I want, after all they give unconditional love & support.

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For the last 12 years, I have had border collies. They are bright, needy, loyal, nippy, behavioral, and have lots of idiosyncracies. As an educator, I realize that they are like bright children that need stimulation. I know that many kids that get in trouble are extremely intelligent but no one provides them with the environment to grow in so they stagnate and find their own things to stimulate them. I realize the my oldest son prepared me to be a border collie owner. Bright, flip, temper tantrums, inquisitive, gentle, shy, etc. When he was growing up I identified that he needed more than most children and you always had to stay one step ahead of him or you were a goner He probably helped make me the teacher I am. But so have my border collies.

No dog even within a breed is alike. Opie so shy when I got her she threw up in the care on the way home. Bright you could name her toys and had to so you could distract her continual play. Loyal to a fault. Protective to a fault. But she has been my soulmate and has shown me that we must trust someone as she has always trusted me. Without trust, we are lost. If I want to do it, so does she. She watches out after me day and night. Like with people if I get frustrated I take it out on her just like we do with the ones we love the most. But she taught me something very special. When I found Blaze psychologically abused and not socialized instead of biting her and forbidding her in the car or house like all other dogs (even hiking buddies), Blaze was in.

I have always been very adamant about accepting people's differences. Opie reinforced that when she took Blaze under her wing. Oh so protective of her. They were poisoned once and almost did not make it. In the ICU, Opie's cage was open and then the tech openned Blaze's. Opie IV and all lept at her and was going after her face because she was checking Blaze. If only people, stuck up for the underdog or the one different from us, instead of picking on them. Blaze had taught me the power of patience and never giving up. I took her in because no one else would but she had OCD (compulsions), psychosis, etc. She is the most loving, yet, still not trusting of new things, dog of all of them. If you are a person, she loves you. She does not trust her own because of the abuse she suffered as a puppy. But she has shown me that we should never give up on anyone, human or dog.

Indy named because of her independence and after Indiana Jones highlights the struggles with the the family pecking order. In human families, many times the middle child gets left out. Because of Blazes needs and Opie's incredible intelligence, leadership, and mothering, Indy has had a hard time finding herself. She is as intelligent as Opie. But she does not accept the weak as much. She and Blaze agree to disagree but because she is a good girl, she feels left out. So she acts out in good and bad ways. She has a smile when she meets people that looks like a growl. Like Opie, will do anything I ask. She has a sense of humor that all of us should have. Humor cures a lot of ills. Her silliness reminds me to stay young and laugh, not frown.

Mauree...named after my deceased grandmother Maureen. What a boy. I thought I was tired of the bitchiness of girls. Well as a physical educator, I should have known that boys no matter human or k9, mature later. PATIENCE with capitals is what he has taught me. He has some inherited traits that keep me cognizant of the fact that we are not all dealt the same hand. We can strive for the American Dream but if we are poor, minority, disabled, etc. we have a harder road to hoe and we should quit blaming that person for their plight. My trainer would blame me for his problems until others got a dog out of his line and now we know it is genetic.

They have all taught me that I am OK the way I am and that accepting differences makes us all better people. It is very difficult to change the personality of a dog. We can change behavior but not the core of that dog. Unfortunately, we can reason and try and persuade people to change in a way that we think is best, never realizing that their differences add to our lives and society.
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My father had two dogs when I was born. Two Collies named Ginger and Mitzi. I would not be here if not for one of those dogs. I don't remember this, other than the many times I heard the story, but one day when I was out in the yard with my mother, she stepped inside to answer the phone. We had a thick privet hedge all around our yard, and she thought I would be okay for just a moment. No one knows how, but I got past the hedge in the minute or two my mother took to answer that phone. I was in a busy street, summer of 1957, Ocean City,MD. My mother heard tires screeching and then a thud. One of those dogs had put herself between me and a car and she was hit. She landed on the hood of the car. My mother came running out of the house in time to see the dog slide down off the car and walk over to me, pick me up by my clothing, then carry me back into the yard before she laid down beside me. Both front legs and one back leg were broken, and she had internal bleeding as well. My father took a second job to pay for the vet expenses, and she survived. That was the beginning of my life, and it has not changed much. I cannot imagine a home without dogs in it. How boring that would be!
During the next decade or so, we had many dogs. If someone decided to get rid of their dog for whatever reason, my father would care for it until he found it a home or it worked it's way into our family and stayed. I learned that all dogs, no matter what the breed, are just dogs. They want to bond with someone, they want to be loyal to someone.
Back in the 1980's, Rottweilers were so very popular, and many people were breeding them. People were buying the puppies and as the dogs grew older, the people found that they could not tolerate living with an untrained dog of that size. Our local shelter was euthanizing between 10 and 20 per month.
I started taking them home, one at a time, or sometimes 2 at a time, getting them healthy and trained, and trying to find them new homes. Sometimes they were in terrible shape, and it took months to get them healthy. Those are the ones I've kept. They bonded with me and I felt it was best for them to stay. I love them all, even the one's that moved on to new homes. It can be very difficult to find someone to adopt an adult dog of that size and reputation. I never dreamed it would go on for so many years, but I've just kept at it. I don't make a huge difference in this problem, but a small difference is better than none at all. They've taught me to find joy in small everyday events.
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My dogs enhance my life everyday! =]

There have been many dogs in my life that have bettered it, most have past and i would like to name them to honor what they have done for me. They are Rex, Bandit, Boo Bear, Tangy, Dusty, Bowser, Pepper, Nuggy(noogy), Lerado, Keiko and Mugzy.

Koda: I got Koda when he was just under three months old. He came to me a sad puppy, his big brown eyes searching for affection and love. Though he came from a good home, there wasn't enough love, they had way too many dogs!!! Koda would scramble down the stairs when i came home from school (its funny to see a chubby puppy going down stairs trying not to roll all the way down) and he would race to the fence and attack my feet. When he was smaller, i used to go and lay on our driveway at night to stare at the stars. He would thunder over and lay on my chest and give me lots of doggy kisses. Now that he weighs almost 100 pounds, he still does it. When i come home from school now, he no longer has those "don't you love me?" eyes, he has the "Moms home now i have to jump all over her and lick her to death" eyes. Just seeing him with his standing up, paws on the gate, tongue out makes me smile. He is my constant companion. He follows me everywhere, and he is my best friend. When i am sad, he sneaks into the house and he will jump on my bed and lay beside me, his paw on my stomach, and his head on my chest. He is someone i know that i can talk to and won't criticize me for my views or make fun of me. He is very special and i feel that even though he can't literally speak to me, he gives me advice in his own ways. He protects me from people, and has already saved my life once. (i walked into the street without looking and was about to cross over when he started barking maniacally, causing me to look up and miss the speeding car that could have squashed me) He is my special angel. A kiss or hug from him makes all fears, worries or troubles go away.

Oliver: Oliver is a great companion when you want a teddy bear to hug. He is allowed in the house because he is so small, so at night when i feel lonely, often times he will snuggle into my bed and curl up in the crook of my arm and go to sleep with me. He is a great heater, although he sometimes wakes me up when he kicks in his sleep!! He has beautiful green eyes that remind you to stop and smell the roses, even when things are going totally horrible or you are in a rush.

Duffy: Duffy is a special dog. He doesn't like to be touched often, the only time being when someone is upset. When i can't be outside with Koda, i resort to the living room with duffy. He likes to curl up at you feet, occasionally wagging his tail to reassure you that someone is there and someone loves you no matter what.

Girly: Girly is a very moody, independant, competitive pet. She is the second funnest dog to play with. (second to Koda) She jumps high and runs fast. I like to take her to the field behind my house and run with her. She is a dork and trips over her own feet and loves chasing her tail. *She is almost 3 and still chases her tail...) When you need to laugh, she is the one to call on.

Julian: Julian isn't necessarily my dog, he is my boyfriends. He is my special dog at their house. He is a borzoi, and boy can he be a love ball. He comes into Korey's room and takes over the bed with me, leaving Korey on the floor. =] He is the best snuggle pet ever! Even when he had to go into surgery last week, he went in giving the technicians kisses. He is the most sweet dog i have ever encountered, and he is a real joy to be around. He likes to rub his face against your tummy and place his nose against your nose and look deep into your eyes. I believe that Julian has the gift to calm even the most upset person, thus making him an enhancing factor in my weekly life.

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Only 2 more days to submit your response to the fun spring drawing. Those of you that liked Rom's painting, I am drawing for 2 more people to get a painting of the photo of their choice. So jump right in. This is a nice one to write about. Next month is a photo drawing.
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Having read all your wonderful stories, I am not sure how to reply to this thread. Molly hasn't changed my life in the way your dogs have changed many of yours, but she HAS added to my life.
I have never really felt a connection with any of the pets we had while growing up, I loved them, but my sister always had a way with animals that I never had. I come from rather a large family; 5 girls, 2 boys. My dad was raised on a large farm in Ireland where animals had a job to do, full stop. So when we were growing up, our dogs were there to protect us and the house and the cat was there to stop any mice that fancied stop over!!
They were loved and well kept, but not really the jump on your knee for a cuddle kind of pets.
As my two boys were growing up, they were always asking for a dog but I would never let them have one because I worked full time and I knew that it would be me that would have ended up having to walk it and clean up after it. So I stood my ground and they never got one.
One Christmas I saw an advert asking people to adopt a dog for the holidays, no strings attached. You just looked after the dog and brought it back in the new year with a bit of back ground. Great, this was my chance to prove I had always been right; I would get the dog and prove to the boys, (now grown up) that it would have been me that was landed with it. It would also give a dog somewhere nice to stay for a few days.
Along came Molly, battered, cut, trusting no one and to add insult to injury, she came into season the day after we adopted her. What had I taken on!!!! Well I'll tell you. I have taken on the most wonderful, loyal, trusting little girl who is MY baby. I walk her, clean up after her, feed her and look after her when she is poorly with her flipping allergies. She gives me so much back, she keeps me fit with the walking, cuddles when I need a hug, always so pleased to see me when I walk in from work, never answers back and I love her to bits.
Changed my Would I ever part with her.. never. She is my best buddy.

Maria. x
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LOLA:Lola will always be in my heart forever. She taught me from the simplest,Take time to smell the flowers,to saving my life. And,even more she saved me form my depression runs,since I NEVER had a father,she taught me that, you don't need someone you never had, you only need your frineds.And,when everyone in school teased me, after every day Lola thought I was the most beautifull person in the world. She cared,unlike some people.When, my so called frineds dumped me, there was Lola walking by my side. Lola,I believe would do anything for me,no matter from the most anvanced trick,to saving me.That's how our bond grew and grew,to the point where we can;t be seperated even for a night. A night. No matter, if I was mad,sad,depressed,joyful,Lola was their only 1 foot away. I taught her everything her mind could learn,from stitting,to shaking paws, to opening doors,and completing an agility runs. And,even more no only was I thankful for her, but by the look in her eyes, you could tell she loved me and was their for only me, no one else.I can not, but all of what Lola did for me in words,since there would be a book,and no page. But,heres a speck of what she did.
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