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Welcome to the General Canine Training Forum

This forum is for discussion on anything about dog behavior and training. Debates and discussions about training methods. As threads grow, we will dedicate an entire forum to those topics. Trained your dog for pet star? How has your dog trained you? I know mine have me trained very well
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problems with my dalmation puppy

hello, is there anyone out there that can help me. i have a aus. shep/border collie/healer/dalmation puppy who is five months old. she is driving me to drink. i can not get her to do anything right. she chews everything. steals things. and is constantly pulling my kittens legs from under them and dragging them across the floor. i am at a loss. i have tried to go to breeders online but everyone wants money to help me. PLEASE I AM DESPERIATE!!! i love mella bella so much, i do not know what to do. i have tried everything i can think of.

thank you!
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Thumbs up dont panic

it sounds like your trying to do every thing at once, STOP take a deep breath and look at what you have a young pup who is full of life and and just needs guidance and love. dalmations need mental stimulation and at the moment it is making its own. you need to start a routine. you need to join a good training class to socialise your pup and they dont have to be expensive. but you need to start rewarding good behaviour and egnoring bad.

make toys that pup can interact with such a box with holes in that nose, paws head could get in, rap up treat and put in box. this will entertain pup trying to get treats out of box. this is a cheap way to entertain your dog when out or need to get on with other things.

train your pup half an hour to an hour a day NOT ALL IN ONE GO just spread over the day including on walks. play is a functional way of training and also get your self a book on reward based training such as clicker training. it is hard to talk training plans like this cos it would take pages so tell us what problems you need to stop first and we can help with each problem at a time.
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hyperactive pup

Your dog is behaving normally so don't fret. You have a very active dog on your hands so you will have to do your research and find out how to drain that energy out of her.
First of all, does your mella bella have a crate? This is an important item to have for all dogs.
Your dog needs lots and lots of exercise, training and rewards. Remember, a tired dog is a happy owner!!!
Good luck!
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