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Stay help

Charlie has gotten very good with 'stay', but i was wondering how to make him stay when i go out of sight, I always turn around and he is sneaking behind me. he maintains the distance he would be at when he loses sight of me but creeps along after me lol.

it would be very useful to know as it would be nice for him to wait in one place if mum was having a seizure, at the moment he lays along next to her but every now and then he gets over excited and if i shut the door on him and shes on the floor he gets hysterical.

any advice would be welcome

Howler and her sneaking staffie xx
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This is how we teach out of sight stays, but first I would like to touch on proofing him...

Proofing exercies:

Get his favorite toy. Put him on a stay, and walk across the room. Throw the toy in his direction...does he get up?

Using your leash on him, go to the end of the leash and slightly pull on it. Does he get up.

Have someone walk by him while on a stay. Perhaps tossing his favoirte toy in the air...does he get up.

If he stays on all of these exercies, then you can move on to out of sight stays. Out of sight stays is sometimes easier but they have to have a solid stay. A solid stay with proofing is a dog figuring out "stay means I stay regardless of what is going on around me"

Out of Sight Stay Exercies:

Put him on a stay close to a door way. Go on the other side of the door way for 2 seconds. Return. If he hasnt moved, treat. Repeat 10+ times, for 2 seconds. Take a break, perhaps the next day, work up to 5 seconds. 10 seconds. 15...and so on...

The goal of an out of sight stay is the dog knows "stay means stay no matter what" but when you go out of sight most trainers belive that the dog is "scared you wont come back" so thats why they break the stays...when you "check in" they eventually learn "mom is going to come back"

Hope this helps, all I can think of right now...

Doing this, my doxie can stay out of sight on a sit 3mins and on a down stay for 5min MINIUMUM...and yes you have to work up from 2 seconds up to the 3 and 5 min does take time but done properly is SOLID.

Remember to reward heavily with treats and a game of tug~!!! Positive Positive fun fun fun!
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