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Originally Posted by BichonFowner View Post
Just wanted to let everyone know, that things have calmed down a bit with that darn bell since my original post...thank goodness. We had a couple of calm days since he was recovering from being neutered. He hasn't forgotten to check out the lizard spot, but when he goes out, he'll do a quick peek, no lizard, he goes on his merry way. Sometimes, he won't check at all. So far, he is ringing the bell like normal now. Although he did discover a couple of mice running around one morning and got his face all in a gopher hole because he saw some plants moving in the ground. He still likes to go after the bunnies and squirrels if I don't stop him before her does it. I saw a bunny one morning and tried to get the dog in the house before he bolted after it. Well, too late and he ended up in some of our tall, dry, weeds of some sort. I called him back and he was limping and not coming very fast. He had all kinds of sticky, pokey things in his paws, face, legs, and body. Hopefully he learned from that....NOT! He's such a silly dog!
Ha Ha! What a silly little guy. Wouldn't it be nice if people were so amused by the simple things in life, like our dogs are? That is one of the reasons I love dogs so much. They remind me of what is important in life.
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