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Spencer moves out of the way if I go towards him with the vacuum, but he isn't afraid of it and doesn't really care about it.
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mine run around on the furniture so the big scary vacume will not eat them
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OMG! What babies! That's a sight I would love to see!
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my female kiya loves getting hoovered, she runs over to me all playfull when the hoover comes out, but my male ice, he runs an stays on his bed, then when i hoover his bed he runs out into the back,,

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we have had various responses from our dogs, george our old springer would come running and let you use the vac on him he would do the same with the hair dryer as well.

vinny our old bichon would merely move out of the way

Bense my mums lab x is a nightmare where the hoover is concerned, you just have to get it out and hes off. he wont even walk past it if its switched off.

charlie my youngest is amusing to watch, he follows it around, and if you use the hose he dances in front trying to grab it although that soon stopped after a near miss with his tongue and the suction lol

although any tips on getting bense past his hoover fear would be more than welcome.
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Gunner doesn't pay very much attention to ours..he won't even move until I tell him to. He'd prefer that I just vac around him. Bella will be all in my way because she loves to be vac'd. I can't even get the attachments out without her wagging her tail all in my way waiting for her turn. Clay used to run away from it. Now he doesnt care unless it comes in his direction. If I vac toward him he will act like hes trying to bite it but never gets close enough to touch it. If I go after him...he runs. He's all a big show. They're so funny
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well stoli doesnt mind the vacuume but we rented a rug doctor the otherday brought it in sat it in the living room and stoli went nuts hid behind the couch barking and growling at we had to move it out of the living room so he would come in ther with us it was pretty funny
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I have a central vacuum that doesn't make a lot of noise and I think that is why my dog is fine with it. On occasions, he thinks it's a toy and will try to play with it and bark at it as I move it back & forth.
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Bandit is afraid of it and Kate thinks it's something to attack. When I first adopted Bandit he wouldn't even come near the vaccum even when it was off. But now he's fine if it's off; but if it's on he barks at it and avoids it. Kate thinks she has to protect me from it and try's to bite and push the vaccum.

I bought a new washing machine, it's a front load, and Bandit barks at the clothes spining inside.
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I have to put Cassie outside if I want to vacuum as she lays down in front of it and rolls onto her back, yipping and barking at which time I take the suction hose to her belly and she goes nuts, she loves it so much, she thinks it is her noisy toy. I can't vacuum the stairs because she is in the way, trying to playfully bite the hose at the suction end. I thought she would have stopped that when she once got her tongue stuck in the hose (suction was really strong) but I think she is still plotting her revenge!
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