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I'm having a few problems with Charlie Boy, recently hes taken to barking at the front window that looks out onto the street. Hes barking at people going into their houses and walking past the house. But hes getting himself into a real state thats hard to break him out of. He has also started barking at my parrot and jumping at the cage.

He used to respond to the 'stop' command but its no longer working, as a pup i used a water spray and the command to jolt him out of an action i didnt like until he responded to the command alone. He does react and stop to the hiss produced by the air cannisters you can buy, but my lab is scared of it so i dont really want to use it.

any ideas? our neighbours were reported to the council because their westie barked at night and i dont want any trouble with charlie, we have enough problems because of the way he looks. hes such a lovely boy and other than this which has popped up we've not had any issues with his training.
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Remind me of CB's breed! Dogs with HIGH pray drive are harder to control in this kind of thing. Also, what kind of "tells" are you getting from him?

It's always best to stop the behaivor the split-second it starts? When Patchs starts barking at someone, I react at the same second that the first bark comes out of her mouth. I use the word "ENOUGH" followed by, "WATCH UM" .... in the beginning I would sit by her at the window and have my hand on her back. When she barked i'd tell her NO and then WATCH UM. When she understood that she was NOT to bark, I changed the word to "ENOUGH"

I don't mind her telling me that someone is outside, I just want her to bark once and then be quiet.

It's worked well, b/c now if I think I hear something I just say, "WATCH UM" and she'll go to the window and looks to see if someone is there.
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Totally agree! It is possible to teach them what you want them to bark at. Monte Kibbles has started up yet again with the mournful (loud) howling when I let the boys out for first call. WHY does he get this way sometimes I have no clue but OMG it would tear your heart out to hear him! I have to stay close to him to let him know I'm still close. He's recently gone blind
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he's a PBT/staffie (we think) vet says no but the rspca say he is, either way hes my best boy

we seem to have gotten somewhere, hes now stopping with just a vocal command the 'stop' command which i use as a general all rounder for unwanted behaviour. everyone now and then he manages to sneak a bark in, but it was the frantic state he would get into i was trying to stop. hes gone into it once since ive started with the retraining which is pretty good. he snapped out of it fairly fast with my handy water spray in action.

when im not letting him bark he dashes around whining, its like he has to bark, the stage we are at now he no longer makes a noise at people walking past or going into neighbouring houses. hes allowed to watch but as soon as he tenses up he gets the 'stop' or 'come away' command.

every time charlie barks my lab runs out of the room, he wants no part in it!
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