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5 dog limit in Chicago

What do you all think?

Chicago alderman: Let's have a five dog limit in city

Posted by Dan Mihalopoulos at 6:50 p.m.
Chicago pet owners would not be allowed to have more than five dogs in their homes under a new City Council proposal.
Ald. Ray Suarez (31st) introduced the ordinance to cap pooch occupancy at today's council meeting. He said a majority of aldermen---27 out of 50---quickly indicated their support.
"There are a lot of people who can't enjoy their backyards because of irresponsible dog owners," he said.
The proposal was prompted, Suarez said, by a recent case of 11 dogs at one house in his Northwest Side ward. The alderman alleged that the stench of doggie doo-doo made neighbors barking mad.

See rest of article:
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Most counties have a limit written in their animal ordinance, so I'm surprised Chicago didn't.

There's a 4 dog limit where I live, with the option of purchasing a kennel license if you want to house more. It would be virtually impossible for anyone in city limits to follow the guidelines for a kennel license as it's written here. There must be an outside shelter and run big enough to shelter all of the animals living on the property, and this shelter has to be a minimum of 100 feet from any adjoining properties (neighbors). There are other stipulations but that one's the toughest. I have one of the 4 kennel licenses issued in my county every year.

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We've had a 5 dog limit here for more than 25 years. If you have more than 5 dogs you have to file and maintain a Kennel permit. (even if you are not breeding). When you have a permit, you are subject to unscheduled inspections to make sure you are in compliance with state and local kennel laws. (Its a great law b/c it insures that large groups of dogs are cared for properly).

The problem around here is that there is NO limit on cats. At one time, we had 150 wild cats living in an abandon building about a block away from my house. Several years ago the building colapsed in a storm and about half were killed.

The other half were left to roam the area. We have 3 foxes in the area and we think that they are praying on some of them. A year ago i had 8 babies and 4 adults in my yard. They were living back by my creek. We were able to get the kittens but the adults are still roaming and making babies. The city will come out and try to catch them, but b/c of all the flooding last summer that is a low priority. The budget is being spent trying to capture stray dogs and cats in the flood zones.
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Considering the size of most modern city backyards, even five dogs can be a stretch. I have one dog sometimes two and in the spring it is a major cleanup despite regular walks and poo removal in the winter. In order for people to live in harmony with other people there must be rules that are fair but also enforced. If this person who had the multiple dogs had cleaned up his backyard regularly and kept his animal quiet and under control the neighbours would not be complaining. All laws have a source issue to which they were originally applied, therefore those individuals who keep multiple dogs, do not care for them or are inconsiderate of their neighbours have no one to blame but themselves.

The same goes to people who have junk yards for backyards...but that is another story and why Furbs is growing a huge hedge to screen out her neighbours. LOL
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I think as long as the animals are being taken care of properly and the house/yard is being kept clean then it should be up to the owner to decide how many he/she can handle. Where I live their is no limit on how many pets you can have and for the most part the animals are well taken care of. Unfortunatly it is those that shouldn't even own one dog let alone multiple dogs that ruin it for those that are responsible.

I currently have 5 dogs (4 are long haired) and 3 cats that are all well taken care of. Of course I spend a lot of time brushing and scooping poop but someone could come inspect my animals and house at any time and not find any problems. It's a good thing I don't need a kennel license, in my county to get a kennel license you have to have 5 or more breeding dogs something that is never going to happen for me!
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It's a hard question. While I see the need to restrict pets to a manageable number, that number is obviously different for the more or less responsible people.
JessicaR has many and keeps up with poop and hair and health, ect. A woman I work for has 3 rescued lab crosses and was told she's one dog over her township limit, but was given a permit for the extra one until it dies. Her dogs have an acre of fenced space and her yard and gardens are immaculate. Dog care is perfect. These 2 ladies can handle multiple pets. And how about 6dogmom whose bullies have the best of care?

On the other hand, there are those whose dog care is minimal or neglectful. I'd hate to see them getting a pack of dogs to ignore. Perhaps a permit for each dog over a certain # could be applied for, with an annual investigation to be sure the neighbors are not being subjected to dog neglect next door.
It's really a tough question. Looking forward to reading more responses to this.
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JessicaR, I totally agree with your points, however some peoples ideas of keeping things clean are different than others. My parents have one neighbour that thinks a yearly dog poo removal is 'keeping things clean'. He was cited by the city and now has a weekly service come in to do poo removal...lazy git! Even monthly poo removal is not enough when you have that many dogs/animals in a small space. So if the number of animals is limited it takes away the excuses of these bad pet owners (you are of course not one of them).

You also have to consider that many of these people aren't rescuers, but are hoarders or byb. Limiting the # of animals a person can legally have allows officials to keep the best interest of the dogs/cats/etc in mind. Small urban backyards are no place for that many dogs, unless they are very small, but most I would bet aren't on the small side. I think the dogs need more space to lead a comfortable life...heck, even people need it!
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I think its a good idea, and as said before it isn't impossible to have more than that limit you would just have to get a license. I'm not sure what the Cali limit is, I'd have to check the municipal code. There are definitely people out there than can have more than 5 dogs and be great dog owners but I think that the amount of irresposible owners that have 5+ dogs outnumber the resposible ones, so it saves dogs, owners, and neighbors a lot of trouble.

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That would make life hard on me but I think it's good. I could never imagine have more than two in a bigger city setting.
Junior is right, there are many people in this area that have more than five and they just run all over and the owners never pick up the poop on a hot day you can smell it for miles.
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There isnt a limit where I am but i think the idea is a pretty good one. The most I have had is 2 dogs a one time, all i can say is 'clearing up poop once a week!!!' More like every day!
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