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getting organized

now that halloween is over i cleaned out my pantry yesterday and got it organized. my plan for a successful thanksgiving and a quiet one is that i really plan ahead of time. i get a calendar not my good one and i make copies of the month of november. i copy all the appointments from my good one onto the copied one.

i would take the week off. the week before i would get my staples. then on tuesday 2 days before i would get the fresh stuff. veggies, meats,diary and breads. then on wednesday i would clean the house. just a note that the windows and baseboards and things like that i do the 1st week of november. i would get out my dishes and wash those. then after a quick dinner something simple. i would start my chopping and prepping. i get a turkey breast, since our families don't like dark meats. i would wash the turkey well we use to call it fighting with the turkey we would literally bath him with lemons we would give him a good scrub. then i would get a container and line the bottom with plastic and then loads of paper towels as the turkey would still have liquid in it. the next day i would wash the turkey again and dry well. so have loads of paper towels on hand. never got sick from a stuffed turkey.

anyways i would write down things that i wanted to accomplish before thanksgiving, then i had a sense of control.

so i have my calendar and my menu and my grocery list posted to the fridge and as i completed as task or project i would mark it off. i really stuck to this and of course i would make adjustments. having a plan really helped me to when i had to work full time and i didn't get the week off before thanksgiving and each year i would come up with a better system.

so here we go and i love it cause thanksgiving is the best holiday no ties or gimmicks just a good meal with family and friends. just sit back and relax.

i try to spread out the projects so they don't bog me down. a project a day i call it. like cleaning those baseboards. or getting to the cobwebs. or cleaning out a cabinet in the kitchen. washing out the silverware drawer so if company goes in it, it is not dirty. or washing the face of the cabinets. stuff like that that we normally don't get to or should i say that i tend to forget.

planning your menu and making your grocery list. i will start this week in planning the menu and looking at each item and then making a list of items needed for that dish.

don't forget the plastic containers those really come in handy. i stock up and i have them on the counter so when it is time to put the leftovers away i get a container and put the leftovers in it and into the fridge. quick and easy. i make sure the dishwasher is empty and i fill it up.

oh one more trick is that i clean as i go. i have a sink full of hot soapy water and i wash as i go. make sure the dishwasher is empty that helps to.

the last few thanksgivings have been great and relaxing, cause i dont over cook and i stick to my plan.

well i am going to get my copies of my calendar and start my project list and menu and grocery list. dont forget to write in pencil as your plans may change.

good luck
rest in peace my little Nikko. until we meet again. momma misses you and her heart aches every time she thinks of you, wishing you were still here to play with Joey and Elsa.
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Canadian Thanksgiving is in October so we've already had ours so I hope you have a Happy Gobble Day and enjoy the Turkey coma afterward.

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no need to organise here...

At Thanksgiving, I get invited to other people`s homes. Living alone has its advantages...NO THANKSGIVING CLEANUP AT THE HOUSE!
grrrrrrrrqwoof arf arf woooof bowwww!!
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