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Finding a place to live

Im not sure this is the place to post this, but i couldnt find any other thread with a topic such as this.

i am currently living in Hawaii, in the process of finding a place to live in or near the heart of San Francisco.

the biggest problems problems im running into is that the rent is waaay to expensive, my dogs dont meet the weight requirements, and the biggest one of all... alot of the places require to meet the pets before approving them to be a resident. Being that I live in Hawaii, it is impossible to do that. I cant fly them over just for a meet and greet.

Im wondering if anyone can suggest apartments or houses that dont have strict pet restrictions.

theyre mid sized dogs of mixed breeds, one of them looking like he can be part rottweiler, which is also becoming a problem, theyre friendly, sweet, playful, but very active, restless, they fight sometimes (like all siblings do).
They dont listen toooo well, but my boyfriend and i are working on that. they dont do to well when you ask them to come, but you can see that they are kinda starting to understand.

anyways, ANY help would be nice, just to be pointed into a direction. i spend my days searching and searching apartments and homes just to realize at the end of the night its the same places i looked at the day before. it gets quite frustrating...

Thank you in advance to all you lovely people.


here are some photos of our babies

meet Atreyu and Guts
Atreyu is the perhaps golden lab mix, Guts is the one that looks like a rottweiler
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Hi and welcome to k9. Living in England, I can't help with your move, but wanted to wish you best of luck.

I love the pics of your babies, sooo cute.

Maria. x
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They're adorable! Here's a link to San Francisco SPCA, who started this project to try to keep animals from ending up in shelters due to lack of pet-friendly housing.

Maybe you can find something there!

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welcome to the site looks like ann has something above for you i too cant help much as i live in england but having a similar problem as i own dobermanns, i would email pics of the dogs to home owners explaining the situation and poss a refference from your landlord.
if your house looks like its been hit by a tornado your owned by a dobermann RIP Lyric, Caito, Daimler, Autumn, Hope and Archie see you at Rainbow Bridge My heart is broken, all of you gone in one year, run free, play hard and wait for me.
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welcome to k9, i cant really help as i live in england,

your dogs are so-oooo cute, x

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I live in FL, we do have pet pages for the state here. They tell about events going on for pets in the state, boarding facilities, pet friendly hotels and housing. Maybe CA has something like that
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Unfortunately I dont have any advice for you besides what others have all ready given, but I wish you the best of luch and you pups are gorgeous!

Shells, Jessie, Sugar Booger,
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Hi & welcome to our K9 family, looks like Ann has given you a great link hope it helps you. Good luck your babies looks so sweet and cute how could anyone not want them near lol. Susan & Lexcee
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Your dogs look very sweet.

Finding dog-friendly housing long distance is difficult, and that is a very expensive area. Are there any dog clubs or activities that you do with your dogs? If so, then contacting the branch or club in the area with your dilemma might generate some options. I do flyball with my dogs, and when teammates have moved, they usually contact the flyball team in the area they are moving to and been given advice and leads on housing.

If you are moving due to a job change, some companies and headhunters will provide a service of assisting with locating housing.

Since San Francisico is so appallingly expensive, you may want to consider a roommate situation.

As it is long distance, I would be a little leary of long leases or contracts. You don't want to show up at your new housing and find out it really isn't a good situation and be stuck there. If you need to sign a lease, check it out yourself, or have someone check it out for you.

Good Luck! I hope it goes well.
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beautifull dogs!
Love your pets like theres no tomarrow!!
come watch and comment on my videos!
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