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My pooch has enhanced my life in many ways. First and most importantly he has given me a much more wider view of the real dog world. For about 9 years I was dog-less. I had moved into a house that didn't allow dogs and for four years I didn't really care. But for some reason my interest in dogs and wolves increased. I think it started I met little Junior. I was asked to dog sit him while the owners were away. I guess puppy Junior was interesting to be around with. Since then I looked forward to going and seeing him. Slowly I started reading books for fun like White Fang, then I started getting into books that taught things about dogs, and I tried to apply my knowledge to any behavior that Junior exhibited. Then later *about two years after I met him, I asked if I can walk him around, since he was chained up all day. Our bond grew stronger. During those days Junior enhanced my life by giving me a joy that was unparalled, for instance, he would sometimes escape from where he lived and would be at my house (only a block or two away), one time he rushed in the door when my family opened it...he had been waiting there! He rushed in and jumped straight on my The day I found out we had to move, I felt a pain I never really expirienced before... I had to leave this awesome dog behind to an owner that didn't really meet his physical needs... We moved away about 5 miles away. And you know what? I walked those 5 miles to get to where Junior was, and walked him during my vacations. I was tired but it was worth seeing his enthusiastic face when I came to his house with his lead in hand.

Later his owner asked me if I wanted to take him with me. I was over excited. So while Junior was not living with me he taught me a different kind of joy, and a different kind of pain.

He has enhanced my life by really teaching me what it is to have a responsibility on your shoulder. I had to fix and be responsible for his actions.

He adds humor to life everyday. He find a silly way to bark, or to roll, or to jump that is granted to put a smile on anyones face.

He is always there when we come back home, he's always wagging his silly little tail and howling like there is no tomorrow. And of course all of us howl back. *yeah I know a little silly*

Besides joy, Junior has really given me some scares, a way of teaching me that life isn't all fun and games. Times when he is vomiting, depressed, or illness like these, make me worry alot. And when he manages to escape, I really feel a knot in my throat, thinking just about anything. In times like these, I don't care if its cold, raining, muddy, hot, or dark I will go out looking for him, risking coyotes, skunks, whatever. I will not sleep until I've found him. So in a way he has enhanced my life by teaching me to be selfless, and think of others well being before your own.

Hehehe I think that cynology-wise, he's taught me that you can't go by what the book says. It doesn't always work and you have to be one step ahead of your pooch. So I've learned to create ways to solve problems that books make seem so easy to solve.

One last way he's enhanced my life, is that he is my motivation to join sites like these and meet people such as yourselves.

Well I could go on but don't wish to put you to

My dog article site - K9Domain
My dog blog - Dog Notes
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