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Dog and cat germs - risk of MRSA infection

Americans love their pets even though the household critters can transmit as many as 30 different infectious diseases, including methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA. MRSA infections between dogs and cats and their owners are increasing, according to a review of pet-related human health problems published today in The Lancet Infectious Diseases. MRSA is an infection that has become more troublesome in recent years. It spreads easily through skin wounds and can be difficult to treat. Household pets are now considered a reservoir for MRSA, and skin infections in dogs and cats can be spread to humans through bites, said the author of the study, Dr. Richard Oehler of the University of South Florida College of Medicine.
Severe infections (MRSA as well as other germs) from cat and dog bites occur in about 20% of all bite injuries. These infections are thought to be caused by the bacteria carried by the pet as well as germs on human skin. Dog and cat bites cause about 1% of all emergency room visits each year. Bites to the hands, forearms, neck, and head have the most potential for serious infection.

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Yes, not nice.

I remember years ago, a friend of a friend was bitten by a rotty....ummm....between his legs. A trip to hospital and a few stitches later he was fine, but a day or two later he developed a staff infection in his ummmm.....'boy bits' and was a real mess for quite some time! LOL! He couldnt sit down for weeks and couldnt even drive his car as the pain was excruciating. Poor guy!
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Which could have been contracted from the hospital also, not necessarily the dog.

90% of us would test positive for MRSA. That means nothing. Rarely would it cause a problem until there is a wound or weakened immune system.

If you get a chance to attend a veterinary dermatology conference or lecture, MRSA is often a topic these days. Mostly because of the hype starting up and the need to reassure people chances of you getting MRSA in your hospital still outweighs that of your pet getting MRSA 1 million to one.
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