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well done michael for explaining in such detail.

elsablue....the watch me command is by far one of the most useful training tools i use. once you have mastered getting your dog's attention this way you will find that once you have given the watch me command the dog won't expect a treat but will eagerly await it's next command with anticipation. Watch me is particularly useful too when you are teaching the wait. you should always start with the "wait" indoors for safety moving outside when you are confident your dog will perform the "wait" reasonably well (remember no dog is 100% perfect)

1. give the dog the watch me command.
2. when the dog is focused on you ask the dog to sit
3. when the dog sits say "good sit - watch me"
4. with the dog in the sit then ask her to "wait", walk two steps backwards and return to where you were originally standing.
5. if she hasnt moved (which she probably wont because she is still concentrating on her watch me) say good wait and reward her with a treat.

practise this by taking just two steps back for several repetitions. then the next time you practise take 4 steps backwards, then 6 etc until you can leave her in the sit from one end of the room to the other. the children will enjoy practising this one with her too but remember.....little and often!

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showing aggression to other dogs is common behaviour of dogs, she is small , and she will understand this kind of things in few days.
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