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SaraP has it on the nose. LOL
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today a friend brought 2 toys over. i gave elsa hers and then joey his. as soon as i gave joey his toy she ran over and snatched it from him and ran off. well she didn't know i was standing near by and i grabbed her and corrected her and i took her toy away and put her in the crate. joey got to stay out and play with his. well my friend doesn't know sheperds to well. when they had left those toys didn't last a 1/2 hour. they had destroyed them. so now they are in the trash. back to the kongs...

i have been correcting her when she gets to rough with joey and he is learning not to take it from her. he is starting to get mad.

last night was the first time that joey snarled at elsa. he was laying on the couch sleeping and elsa walked up to him and was trying to bug him and he didn't like it and he snarled and growled at her. of course i jumped up and corrected her.
rest in peace my little Nikko. until we meet again. momma misses you and her heart aches every time she thinks of you, wishing you were still here to play with Joey and Elsa.
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