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What is it she's in trouble for, at the point she's being backed into a corner? Can you not work on that instead, then there'd be no getting in trouble.

Is it possible she's got no idea why she's being told off and so just doesn't understand why she's about to be disciplined? Your discipline needs to be at the time of whatever she's done, within seconds of her doing it for her to have any concept of what she's done wrong.

Otherwise, your husband looming toward her for apparently no reason is just aggresive behaviour and he is mentally unstable in her eyes. No trust at all, and definitely no respect.

Make sure it's discipline she gets and not punishment. Punishment comes way after the event, is born of anger and frustration and does nothing to help the dog, only make things worse usually, and is an outlet for the human. Discipline is guidance, rules, a correction of unwanted behaviour as it happens. Discipline is a quick flash, a two second "no!" or a touch, not a long episode where she gets backed into a corner.

You've also mentioned that you're aware of the fact that your dog has the hierachy all wrong. Work on redressing the balance there. No more spoiling! Firm, assertive leadership. Well timed discipline. Lots of rules and boundaries. He can give her all the fuss he wants - at the right time.

Make sure you've got all the simple things right - be in charge of the walks on the lead, the dog following or by your side, not pulling. Eat first, feed the dog second. Have one place for the dog to sleep, its bed, and that's it. No giving into demands for fuss when it wanders over and nudges your hand! You must invite the dog over on your terms for affection. No dogs on the sofa or bed etc unless you've invited the dog. Go through doorways first.

Hope there's something in there that helps!
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