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The service dog schools we raise puppies for forbids letting them loose in anything except a fenced area. In the 5 years we had our one puppy back after she retired, I took her for off leash runs in appropiate places, away from other people and dogs and roads. We have a reservoir near by with unimproved state lands around them. She could run loose without bothering anybody. I did always keep the leash with me in case we met somebody. When she returned at 10 years old, she had never been trained in recall, and I never bothered.
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I play with Tigger out in the park where kids come up and know Tigger and lucky he is trained very well...otherwise those kids would be at risk if they ran up to a strangers dog.

Since I can not go up to the big field anymore because I litterally get swarmed by an audience...I have been training in my front yard and neighbors yard, offleash. This is very scarry for me because we live on a corner lot.

I keep Tigger on a shock collar just in case. BUT I can throw a frisbee, and send him after it and yell 'come' and he will turn from the frisbee and come to me.

Another factor that scares me is there is a lot of dogs that run loose in the neighborhood. People do not repair fences ect and dogs are always out in about. There are also kids that ride their bike and let their dog chase them whereever they go...offleash again...

I am not sure of all the laws conserning leashes...other than I am prolly breaking rules even in my own yard...but ya know what where else am I going to train my dog. The saying goes something like 'if you ever want your dog to really follow you, you must remove the leash'

In the end it comes down to, once again, people being responcible for the animals they have in their life...if that was the case then there would be no problems.

I would not let Shara off leash really because she is very much still a puppy...even though shes 2 years old and has been in obedience school all this time, she sees something she would go after it... And I could never risk something happening to her.

On another note. I rarely see anyone walking their dogs...again that would take TIME and EFFORT on peoples part to take care of the responcibility that comes with a dog.

If everyone in town walked their dog 1 time a month, you would see people always out with a dog in the day, somewhere, sometime of the day...that would be 1 time a MONTH...

(imagain if people walked 1 time a week...omg we would have doggy-trafic-jam!!!)

So, if you hardly see people walking their dog 'normaly' or out with their dog 'normaly', the chances are you never see someone like me out playing with their dog off leash. Again Tig is trained not to jump on anyone or run out to anyone...and if he ever did...he would get a lil majical nudge from his mommy...aka shock collar. And I use it only as safty/precaution/safty...oh ya ...safty...for kids and my dog...

hehe...thats just my 10 cents !!! -^.^-

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i luv bumpin this thread
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ok so i just read this entire thread and i let stoli off leash only at the dog park it is fenced in and there is no where he can go every once in a while he will come out front with me off lead at night to grab the trash can or something he has never ran or followed anyone not saying he never would he is dog that stuff happens other then that i would never just let my dog run the street or be off lead in an area that was not an off leash area
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Your funny doc, I am glad you bumped this thread, I don't recall seeing it.
My dogs are on lead almost all the time. They resemble pit bulls and many people fear them even when on a lead. So take no chances for my crew.
Conner is allowed off lead only at his friends Sarah's house. They have no fence. His recall is pretty good. I however did have an inncodent where he chased a car. Wow, it was scarey and I never saw it coming because there had been many occasions he saw cars and never did anything. It was just this one day he got a wild hair. It was scarey and he did listen after the third time I called him.
He has since graduated from advanced obedience and he listens the first time no questions. I am still careful however because he is only a little over a year old. Still kindof young to be perfect.
Just a little story I saw a while ago, a man had his little dog on a leash and the dog got sucked up in the street sweeper and died. So being leashed is still no quarantee that you dog will be safe.
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keeping a dog on leash is no gaurentee its safe

it just makes bystanders feel safe that you know what you are doing
Everyone knows dog is God spelled backwards..
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I cannot tell you how happy I am to have a fenced in backyard now & not live in a condo community. There was so many close calls with unknown dogs running up and trying to get my three little ones, and to top it off the scratches we recieved when protecting our dogs.

I dont see the reason why people let there dogs off leash in a public area (not intended for free roaming animals).

#1) Their dog maybe as friendly as ever, but what about the dog he/she accidently runs up to?

#2) The dog runs up to a family with kids who are terrified of dogs, and they end up jumping all over the child.

I think there are many different alternatives than unleashing in public.

#1) Fenced in dog park....Made for off leash doggies

#2) Private property/land after given permission to use it

#3) Off leash doggie beaches for dogs

#4) Host a playgroup at a neighboors or friends house w/ a fenced in yard

Saftey first for your pets & others. Using a harness when walking your dog also gives you more control, so they are less likely to get loose.

Having fun enjoying the West...One adventure after another!
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Unleashing dogs in public

It has been stopped now but there was a situation that dog owners were tying their dogs by the school gate at a school in Trowbridge - this was an accident waiting to happen 400 children rushing out of school, many stopping to stroke/prod the poor dogs.
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Hey everybody!

Long time no see!

Everyone knows dog is God spelled backwards..
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Hey, it depends on the environment. Go into Central Park in Manhattan in the morning. There are perhaps 100-200 dogs running free, frolicking with each other and human park visitors. Just as long as the owners clean up the droppings, no one cares. Why are suburbanites so damned afraid of dogs, other people, noises, people of other colors, etc.? City dwellers accept a variety in their environment. Dogs are simply there, to be petted, ignored, or sidestepped. It's part of the life experience.
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