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New "old" dog woes

We took on an 11 year old Tibetan Spaniel that came from a house where he was an only pet and very spoiled, not trained at all. The owners were evicted, couldn't find a place that would allow the dog, and we couldn't bear for him to end up at a shelter. So, we added him to our 14 year old Westie and 4 year old lab mix, an ex-rescue.
This boy is VERY confident, and takes right over. He is used to walking all over his people. He doesn't come when called, jumps up a lot, and has a ton of energy during transition times (coming home, feed time, etc.)
We live in a very rural area and recently a large coyote took our barn cat. This dog is just 12 pounds. I fear his lack of training could put him in a dangerous spot, and, there is a lot of loud voices used at him when he is being naughty, which is now stressing my other two dogs.
We have 14 acres, horses, etc., so I have limited time. I try to walk them every other day, and they have ample fenced in area to roam, altho lately, with the coyote scare, they are only out when I can watch them.
Any ideas on training him to come, keeping him from jumping up when we come home (he's scratching at our door) and/or ways to keep the stress level down for our other two that were very well adjusted and obedient dogs. At dinner time, this one sits and moans, jumping up, etc. He tosses his food bowl about at random times during the day. He is a charecter, and we get a lot of chuckles from him, and, he's quite smart. But, he is constantly under my feet, pushing thru, jumping over the other dogs frequently to "claim" his spot near me or my husband.
Any suggestions are gratefully appreciated!
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