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we use used bags to pick up the poop, and burn in a burner and spred the ashes on the garden for nutrients and mix with the compost heap, the best toys my dogs love are the reclaimed car and bike tyres that they love to swing on and bite the heck out of and last forever, oh yes and the plastic bottles, also i send my old laptop batteries back to manufacturer and they refill and send out refilled one back saving the climate with wated batteries, also send old in cartridges back for recycling and mobile phone bateries, makes laptop and phone last longer. recycle dog food tins when i use them.
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I love the idea of a doggie dooley. I think some of my tax refund will be earmarked for that. It's been a big environmental frustration for me to be contributing that much "stuff" to the garbage every week.
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This is a very interesting post and as a professional environmentalist I commend all of you for thinking ďgreenĒ.

I am somewhat dismayed that some of the things I would love to do around the home such as solar and wind power and installation of a heat pump will probably never happen cause I am a pay check to pay check person. But there are many other small things that can be done and if everyone did small things they turn into big actions.

We recycle paper, aluminum and cans. We live in northern Minnesota and there is no local market for plastic as of yet so we try to limit the amount of plastic we buy. Did you know that if everyone went back to plane old bar soap you would reduce millions of tons of plastic containers a year.

We try to shop smart, we buy bags of cereal instead of boxes with bags inside. We look for minimal packaging in everything we buy.

*We have switched out the light bulbs.
*Clean our furnace air filter every other month
*Keep you car tires properly inflated
*Plan our trips to town to reduce travel
*We buy 75 % of our clothing second hand, remember reuse is a big part of the equation.
*Keep you grass cut longer, you will need to mow less often and reduce the amount of water necessary for lawn care.
* We donít use air conditioning (yes its warm but its only going to get warmer if you donít take action)
* We buy as much of our food from local farmer markets as possible and donít buy out of season fruits and vegetables.
* We still harvest many of out own food, fish, wild rice, berries etc.

There is so much we can do that are just simple small and inexpensive actions that will make a difference. Thank you this is a great post.
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Dog hair

Dog hair from brushing can be put in old stocking to deter animals from gardens. Needs to be replaced every so often but groomins is a constant.
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horse leads

I found a great training leash. Its a used cotton horse lead. It is soft on hands and I throw it over my shoulders when teaching to heal. Works great and is enviromently friendly. As far as a 30 ft training lead I use the stern anchor line from my boat. Cheaper and less resorces used.
a working dog is a happy dog
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Originally Posted by ann_hawes View Post
I don't know why that link didn't work, but here's another.

They were not this expensive at Petco. I think I paid about $35 each for them 2 years ago.

I might have to check this out.
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