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Unhappy Dry skin

Hi, I just subscribed today - I am looking for a solution to my newf/lab mix dry skin. His haunches, and one ankle are almost bare....not really red, but he does (he doesn't have fleas, by the way) What do I give him for relief? I've tried Hot Spot itch spray, and an herbal spray. Nothing seems to work.

Poor thing looks like one of those bare butted baboons!
Thanks for any advice!
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I have a question, I love Austrailian Shephards. I had an Aussie named Cheyenne. I've heard that Aussies are exhibiting a new blood disorder in which they without prior warning, bleed internally and die abruptly.

A friend of mine has an Ausssie rescue and she recently lost one of her Aussies this way. It went outside, came back to the house, was bleeding from it's eye and dropped over dead. this is not an isolated incident, she went on to tell me of four other Aussies that have died suddenly in a similar way. Have any of you heard of this? If I would ever get another dog I truly would love to get an Aussie.

My Cheyenne had Von Willebrand's 7 disease and he was a bleeder. This was appearent when he had his bladder stone surgery and he lost an anormous amount of blood. The vet checked him and he did have Von Willebrand's disease. I am thinking that this new development is an extention of Von Willebrand's, maybe caused by inbreeding? Have any of you heard of this.

Cheyenne's Mom

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